Match Report O35.2 (07-07-2013)

Match Report O35.2 (07-07-2013)





Henry Lawson



Match Report

Having not played a game for what seemed like an eternity, we were looking forward to our late afternoon trip to Lawson. Zap had a trot in goal in the first half and Ice Man in the second, giving our ‘regular’ keeper The Kaiser a chance to show his wares on the pitch for a full game.

It was very evident in the first 20 or so that we had completely forgotten what to do…bit harsh maybe but we certainly made hard work of it. Two quick goals put us in control – the first from Ipswich off a pass from Captain Underpants and the second a penalty from the Ice Man after La Celeste was upended in the box.

The chances kept coming late in the half, one move started with Zap in goal, the ball passed through half a dozen players ending up with Uncle Chop Chop down the right who’s cross come shot hit the top of the cross bar. The Kaiser also hit the bar and should have taken, ball, keeper and La Celeste into the back of the net for another one, only for La Celeste to nip in and put the ball over. The Kaiser eventually netted courtesy of a great run down the right by Dicky and centre that The Kaisers finish nearly burst a hole in the net. Half time 3 zip.

The second half was a strange affair, with the game under control we were guilty of losing structure as even Rash ventured forward and thought he might be able to score – alas no.

Dicky eventually slotted a fourth with his left peg into the corner and The Kaiser tapped in the last goal of the game off a corner.

Few other points of note:

– After the game JB whipped his shorts off, again, thus earning his new nickname of Captain Underpants (see photo)

– La Celeste’s Dad is highly unlikely to ever come and watch his son play again – not too often we score five and he doesn’t get one 

– Maggie (La Celeste’s young daughter) saying ‘let’s go Gooeys’ – too cute!



Goal Scorers

The Kaiser (2), Dicky Knee, Ipswich, Ice Man (pen)

Player of the Match