Match Report – O35.1 – 23/07/2017

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 23/07/2017

BMFC O35.1: 0
Springwood United FC Inc: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: The Silhouette

Match Report: A civilised kick off time of 1 pm for the top of the table clash against the previously undefeated Springwood. The gaffer sensing a historic result added himself to the bench taking our tally to 16, this would prove fortuitous as the match progressed. We set up in a double decker bus formation Kev as the driver and a conductor with the plan to adjust once we had taken the sting out of the traditional softening up period. A couple of old man injuries last week and at training meant The Shadow was not available so Paulie was appointed to take up The Silhouette role. The first 20 minutes were intense with free kicks being conceded by both sides and Lowndsy conceding an early card while setting up a wall. Ibra suffered the first injury of the day going down with a calf injury a sure sign of being over 35. Lowndsy and Suarez combined shortly after which resulted in the Suarez striking the crossbar. Lowndsy was certainly getting involved and an innocuous 50/ 50 challenge saw him unfortunately earn the wrath of the referee who was trying to take control of the game and was sent off with his second yellow which left us with ten men at 30 minutes.
A reassessment at half time saw us start the second half with a double decker bus but no conductor as we looked to close Springwood down and catch them on the counter attack. The 10 remaining players battle hard without much ball Brad ,Joey and The Dentist working in hard in the midfield and Greenie working up and down the right side.
The extra running took its toll as Thor suffered the second old man injury a hammy forcing him off . The final straw was when Dave H went in for another full blooded tackle which looked like it might have hurt and then Potty Mouth put his hand up to be replaced due to another hammy. The Gaffer looked to the bench Lowndsy behind the fence, the youth of the team Ibra,Thor and Potty all injured he needed a strong centre half partnership to defend the last half hour. He needed a Steve Bould, Tony Adams or Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce combination, a look at the bench and he chose Sean the Sheep at 5 foot 6 to partner the 5 foot 6 and 1/2 inch Dave H at the centre of defence. Our day continued to deteriorate when The Gaffer joined Lowndsy behind the fence for questioning another questionable decision.
We nearly had the final say with 10 minutes to go when JB held the ball up against 7 defenders and the ball was pulled back to Ipswich who after tracking up and down for 60 minutes did not have the power in his shot.
A good team performance especially with a man down and a week off for the young guys to get over their old man injuries.