Match Report – O35.1 – 5 July 2015

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 5 July 2015

BMFC O35.1: 4
Springwood United FC Inc: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Joey, Danny, Brad, Pauley

Player of the Match: Mick Randall

Match Report: Once again a much depleted Blueys side lined up to take on their cross-town rivals Springwood. Some early consternation from the management team when JB, Joey and Pauley hadn’t arrived with 15 minutes until kick-off. Coach Joe and Sean have become accustomed to Joey waving his marquee card, so not much concern there. The real concerns weres for:

1. JB who needs at least 25 minutes to mummify both ankles.
2. Pauley who usually goes to bed with his football gear on in order to arrive at the game at least three hours in advance, in order to
a. Stock up the beer esky
b. Set up the pre game possession football routine which has become almost as vital to the Blueys as their Voltaren sponsorship

Some scrambling PR work from Sean resulted in two recruits from the 35-3’s, John Patch and Rusty Perkins. We have a starting line-up.

Concerns were unwarranted however when JB, Joey and Pauley all arrive within quick succession. The line up is announced:

Rhett between the sticks with Danny Margetts at Sweeper. Davey Heyman and a reluctant Mick Randall at the back. Sean, Brad, Joey, Pauley and Dunny in the midfield. JB and Chicken up front. Matty, John and Rusty are subs.

The game begins and Blueys settle into their pass and pose routine. Logically the ball ends up with Danny Margetts at the back who shimmies and loses the ball to the opposition. Springwood counter well and a good cross from no other than the Springwood President almost results in a spectacular diving header goal. The record obviously has a scratch because this routine is repeated 10 times over in the first twenty minutes. During this time Mick Randall spots an opportunity for freedom and dashes to the halfway line where he remains disguised as a striker for the next 15 minutes.

The Blueys needed a tonic and were rewarded after 20 minutes when Joey Crye latches on to a great ball from JB to finish clinically. 1-0 and no more criticism for JB and Joey’s pre-match bonding session where they obviously came up with the plan. JB is unanimously given access to the marquee “arrive any time you want” clause.

Inspired by his new found freedom, JB delivers a stunning corner to the far post. Danny Margetts, who is keen to hand possession over to Springwood, produces a stunning diving header to make it 2-0 and Springwood have the ball again….(pause).

By now Mick Randall can see that he clearly isn’t needed as a striker and settles back comfortably into his position at right back. The Blueys settle, and apart from a couple more shimmy fails from Margetts, they go into half time looking comfortable.

Coach Joe finally notices that he has three substitutes on the bench and gives Dunny and Sean Burns a much needed breather. Some solid, pragmatic football from John Patch earns him the hook from Joe and Rusty Perkins joins the fray.

Not long into the second half and Chicken is unable to stay on his feet after a clumsy bump from the defence and Blueys are awarded a penalty. Some initial confusion and worried looks due to The Ice-man’s absence. Brad Collier steps up and knocks a wonderful penalty into the top right. The Ice-man has been sacked. 3-0.

Not long after and a lovely head back across the goal from Chicken allows Pauley a simple header which he manages to convert this time, as opposed to the similar opportunity in the first half. 4-0.

The game is ours, however Davey Hayman is keen to leave his stamp on the game. He achieves this skilfully with a wonderfully timed bump to the striker who was on his way to the corner flag. Ref Kynan awards the penalty and Springwood convert. 4-1.

Another 3 points to Bluey are now equal top of the table after a favourable mid-week result. 3 games to go and Blueys share 27 points with Band Club and Hazelbrook.

Man of the match goes to Mick Randall who put aside earlier transgressions and defended outstandingly, putting himself in contention for a permanent role in this position. Special mention to Rusty and John Patch for helping us out. Another special mention to Danny Margetts who finally managed to shimmy past a player in the 89th minute. Thanks also to Springwood for a game played in good spirit as usual.