Match Report AA.7 – 21-06-2009

vs Glenmore Park
Opposition Score 0

Match Report The day started like any other for the AA7’s, up at 6am for the team jog followed by between 4 and 9 weetbix! This was an area that coach Nancy still excelled in despite his injury. He still holds the record for the team at 9. The game time approached now and with the mist, blew in a team from a lower altitude but with much improved attitude to the last time we played them. The whistle blew and quite frankly that happened for the Impregnator a few months earlier. Wood-duck played the ball at kick-off to Crussell. He beat one player and to everyone s surprise … went down screaming in agony. It was under a minute into the game and Marshmallow had tripped over. Play went on, of course, and Cranky came to the rescue by retrieving the ball with a crunching tackle. Crank then laid the ball off to Dirty who put a through ball to Wood-duck. Running onto the ball at full flight, Wood-duck, was looking at a one on one with the keeper. The Keeper guessed right, and he was right, however the toe-poke went in!! It was 1-0. Sensing victory, albeit only 3 minutes into the game, the Viper called for the ball out wide. No-one heard the call, but after another crunching tackle from Crank the ball deflected off the opposition’s head to make it out to a well positioned right half. Viper showed the ball, and as quickly as the ball seemed there for the taking, he stepped and tapper toed his way down the side line. The Viper managed to get a cross from right at the corner post and although there was no question that the ball was going in, the Corinator thought he’d make use of his field-long run to take the glory with a volley. The score was now 2-0! At kick-off, the ball was passed back to the Doctor. The Doctor, who had delivered his baby girl in his own kitchen just weeks earlier, could not manage to trap the ball and gave possession to the opposition!! “What is this?” came the cry from Marsh mellow. It was certainly out of character. The opposition managed to stumble their way down into our half of the field and have an absolute cracker of a shot from 40 feet out. Tingles could see the shot coming off a mile away though, and seemed to be hovering 6 feet above the ground as he deflected the ball away for a corner. The corner was smacked in by the opposition only to be sent packing by the teams vault … one le-Divot … who wasn’t going to give any ground in his own territory! The ball which was floating high in the air was controlled in a single touch by Mantis. After a Mantis step over followed by some strong arm tactics (Crank must have had a word to him) and a scissor kick he managed to move the ball from deep in our half to well into the opposition’s territory. He finally laid off a precision pass between 10 of the opposition’s players (who had gathered to watch the spectacle) to Luna (more regular than Haley’s). Only the keeper was standing in Luna’s way from the team’s third goal! But before we knew it the keeper had kamakaze’d his way out to the 18 yard box to challenge for the ball. After a solid challenge and some fancy footwork … Luna back healed the third goal into the back of the net!!
Goal Scorers Wood-duck, Corinator, Luna
Player of the Match Disco G