Match Report AA.7 – 02-08-2009

vs Penrith Green
Opposition Score 0

Match Report

It was a beautiful day down in Penrith town, the birds were chirping and the sun was shinning, just great for having a beer watching some quality sport. Oh well, for the three spectators AA7’s would have to do. Needing a win to keep their top spot on the table Bluey’s came out of the blocks hard, pushing the ball around well. The possession and field position was going mostly Bluey’s way and in a short amount of time the Bluey’s had secured a corner. The cross was hit so hard by the The Finisher that it passed straight across the goal box. Luckily Crank was present for just such an event and managed to get a head to bring the ball back into the pack. After another ricochet a camouflaged Mantis revealed himself and was perfectly positioned to place the ball into the back of the net. Bluey’s up one-zip.

Feeling the pressure Penrith upped the ante but couldn’t get a ball through the solid backline. With the game moving up and down the field Bluey’s could sniff another opportunity. With a beautiful square pass Marshmallow was in position for a strike. It was a magnificent 40m kick hit with immense power and grace. Pity about the aim and the fact he was only 5m from goal, the ball raced onwards, and upwards and even more upwards over the goal and into the land yonder. Not to be perturbed the Bluey’s fought on.

The Viper came on with some his normal gymnastic grace and style. Not to be outdone a Penrith player decided to join in with the floor routine and they performed a tumble together. Unfortunately Viper’s foot technique was slightly awry as his boot accidentally came in contact with the Penrith player. After an ungraceful dismount and realising what a girl he had been, the Penrith player with a boost of testosterone ran up to the Viper and gave him a shove and some harsh words. The game had come back down to the basic level of protect your mates, so the ever protective Crank entered the fray. It is true that a headlock looks a bit like a cuddle but the ref had been around the block a few times and quickly issued the dreaded red card to both teams.

Down to ten men each the second half started. The Bluey’s still held the edge however Penrith pushed the ball up a bit more to their striker ‘Orange boots’. The backs led by Disco fought constantly with the brightly attired opposing player, however the glare was too much at one point and the striker streaked through for a shot. He shot the ball hard but Tingles made a solid save. Never to be outdone the Bluey’s pushed the ball once more. This time there were numerous passes and again the Marshmallow was in position with the ball at his feet, learning his earlier lesson he skillfully struck the ball with just the right velocity and into the net. Bluey’s 2-0

Trying a different tact a possession or two later Penrith laid a solid ball straight into Jewels of Divot. After some bad acting and rolling on the ground Coach Grasshopper found a worthy substitute.

Despite the unsuccessful ‘Family Jewel’ maneuver, Penrith had one more throw of the dice. They pushed the ball up to the bright shoed striker once again as he edged his way past a gnawing Slasher. With only the goalie to go Orange boots hit the ball with Venom, the ball flew like a comet to the right side of the goal with blistering pace. Tingles dove to his left with agility close to that of an AA6 player and dropped that ball to the ground. What a save!!!

The Final score Bluey’s up 2-0 and on top of the table!!!

Goal Scorers Mantis, Marshmallow
Player of the Match Mantis