Match Report AA.5 – 04-07-2010








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day and after losing to Blaxland in the first round, Blueys wanted to reinstate their dominance over their local rivals at the Blaxland ice rink.

The first goal came early for blueys with Sticky putting a corner in for an unmarked Grasshopper to head home. The second was a little more spectacular, with Grasshopper taking inspiration from the Brazilian fullback Maicon, he took a shoot from the edge of the 18 yard box, half a metre out from the byline and somehow managed to get the ball into the back of the net. The third goal had a sense of de ja vu about it, this time Disco swung the corner in with his left foot finding an unmarked Viper who headed home his 4th goal of the season making him a self claimed indispensible goal scoring machine.

The start of the second half saw blueys kick off and some sharp passing between Cranky, Beaker, Brettalica and Viper resulted in Grasshopper extending the lead to four nil after just 25 seconds with Blaxland not even touching the ball.

There was a fifth goal, again to Grasshopper but he has been mentioned enough in this report and I can’t remember what the build up was. Instead, I would like to pay tribute to the defence who for the third week in a row walked away with a clean sheet. Crussell has seemed to of shaken off the marshmallow tag as he has organised the troops al Denti, Slasher, Labs and Slider who have given nothing away, marking tightly, covering brilliantly and frustrating the opposition attack to no end. And without trying to give him a big head, Tingles has been doing a tremendous job between the sticks. Great stuff. As much as the goals are great, its defence which will win us this competition.

Goal Scorers

Grasshopper (4) Viper

Player of the Match