Match Report – 8.White – 05/05/2018

Match Report – 8.White – Game Date: 05/05/2018

BMFC 8.White:
Springwood United FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: N/A

Player of the Match: Felix Mossman

Match Report: The Gr8 Whites started the game with the best offence they have had all year. They played as a team passing amongst themselves making Springwood run around tiring the opposition. Springwood then found their groove and fought back. Another solid performance in the goals by Ari Rowland saw him putting his body on the line to stop the goals in the first half. Some solid individual defensive efforts from Issey Adam, Eloise Bland and Lachlan Perrin kept the opponents at bay. Felix Mossman and Will Woods gave their all in both offence and defence whilst Brax Newton offered assistance all round the park. Eden Bell put in a spirited effort in goals in the second half, only to see the Gr8 Whites snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!
Another fun game for the parents to watch and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Go BMFC U/8 Whites.