Match Report – 16.2 – 28/04/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 28/04/2018

BMFC 16.2: 3
Blaxland FC: 5

BMFC Goal Scorers: Lachlan Jones, Will Cooke, Aidan Monaco

Player of the Match: Heath Stanners

Match Report: After the two week break it was the local derby against the Redbacks, the competition leaders at this early stage. It turned out to be a high scoring affair.

Having taken the lead through a cracking free kick goal from Lachlan “Pelican” Jones, things looked promising. It was a thumping swerving free kick indeed! The goalie had no chance!

We had the better of the early play and put some pressure on the opposition through some good passing.

However, it soon became apparent that we were up against another level of competition and a team who were keen to win contested ball, which they did, more often than not. A couple of speedy and skilled forwards were making it difficult for our midfield and defence to keep them out. We didn’t have the time and space to work the ball out of our own half in the way we like to. There were glimpses of good movement of the ball that we are wanting to play but under pressure we didn’t gain any momentum and our play often broke down.

There were two penalties awarded against us, which were both converted by the Redbacks. They were deserved goals which were not scored against the run of play and challenge us to look at how we might better handle good through balls.

We did respond with two more fine goals of our own. A high quality free kick strike found the net directly off the boot of Will Cooke. Another cracking shot which was virtually impossible for the keeper to keep out! Aidan Monaco made a fine run down the left and slotted a well taken shot into the top of the net. His angled run was evidence of his determination to get into a good position to take a good shot on goal. Another terrific goal.

Heath Stanners was tireless in defence and attack and was all over the park, earning him man of the match honours. A high quality non-stop effort.

Blaxland were the better team on the day and certainly deserved the win. We were ‘flat’ and off our game. Not by any means at our best.

Success from set plays was our main highlight. Keeping our composure and energy levels high, when put under pressure, are our challenges to take out of this match.

I remain impressed by the way the boys display excellent sportsmanship at all times and keep their heads high when things are not going as well as we’d like. Good sporting and life lessons to hold onto. “Humble in victory and gracious in defeat” is a good motto to live by!

Looking forward to our next match already!