Match Report – 16.2 – 26/05/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 26/05/2018

BMFC 16.2: 4
Springwood United FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Billy Moore (3), Aidan Monaco

Player of the Match: Will Foreman

Match Report: Composure in defense was the foundation of the boys’ latest game against Springwood. Controlled possession and fine team passing and positional play meant we had the better of the play for most of the match.

Springwood pressed early but were foiled by rock solid defense, especially from Luke, Zach Kingsford and Will Cooke.

It was so hard to single out anyone this week, with fine performances across the park, but Will Foreman grabs the Man of the Match honours by way of his superb work in midfield, often winning contested ball and having a strong presence in both defense and attack.

Luke Doherty and Heath Stanners also played excellent games. Chris was “Mr Versatility” playing a full game across 4 different positions and making an excellent contribution to the team’s performance. Zach “Twinkle Toes” Scoble did some fine work in defense.

“Captain Gus” was heavily involved in the play and always threatened. He was instrumental in progressing many fine attacking moves. The “Frilled-Neck Lizard” and Sean were on their best behaviour think week and showed how creative and determined they can be.

After a hattrick against Springwood in the first round, Billy was once again given a run up front. He made the most of the opportunity and repeated the effort once again with goals in the 18th, 35th and 47th minutes. Each of them was a mighty fine finish. Aidan followed up with our team’s fourth goal in the 62nd minutes when he showed great skill and determination in heavy traffic to knock in a fine goal. All four were fine finishes on the back of excellent build up starting from the back.

Sean, Will F, Lachlan Bowe, Heath, Sean and “The Cassowary” were all unlucky not to grab a late goal.

Whilst the win pushes us into clear second spot, the most pleasing aspects remains the way the boys play as a team and enjoy their football.

As we strive to improve our football across the park in our next game we will be looking to build our passing game in the front third of the field in an effort to slot home some tightly executed goals.