Match Report – 16.2 – 12/05/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 12/05/2018

BMFC 16.2: 0
Hazelbrook FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Will Cooke (Almost!)

Player of the Match: Lachlan “Son of Steve” Jones

Match Report: We trekked up the mountains to Lawson Oval for our match against Hazelbrook. For years it has been a fine contest against a well-respected opponent and this game proved to be another epic battle.

It was a little chilly and windy but nowhere near as icy as we expected.

With a number of players out injured or unavailable, we took to the park with 10 players whilst Hazo had four subs on the bench! (At least Greg, Luke and I had a seat!) It was going to be a huge challenge, but the boys were up for it!

The play ebbed and flowed throughout the match with both sides playing quality team football and creating some near chances.

Aidan was desperately unlucky not to slot one home with his carefully placed attempt rebounding off the post and back across the goals. In the end it was Hazo who snuck away for the only goal of the match.

Will Cooke almost grabbed the equaliser with a thumping free kick, which would have been a goal 99 times out of a 100, only to have the keeper make a miraculous one handed save to tip it over the cross bar.

“Captain Courageous”, who has been battling the flu (and perhaps struggled with the change in altitude!) never gave up and lead from the front…… middle, side and back when needed!

“Scoooooobes” did a mighty fine job as stand in keeper, maintaining his composer and not once being put off by the coach’s carry on! Some fine saves and always excellent positional keeping. I’m surprised other teams haven’t tried to buy him as their number one keeper!

It was a gutsy effort from every player. We finished the stronger team and it was one of our best efforts EVER considering it was 10 against 15! The boys gave it 120% and had nothing left in the tank at the end of the game. Despite the final score of one-nil, I will claim it as a clear moral victory and an effort the boys can be truly proud of.

I think it is fair to say that we were the better team, by just a whisker.

A highlight for me was the way we defended as a team and covered for each other in expert fashion on many occasions. Our defense was determined, energetic and, when necessary, desperate. On a number of occasions, we pressed forward only to be foiled by Hazo’s solid, skillful and ‘not as tired as us’ defensive line.

Man of the Match could have gone to any one of the boys but narrowly goes to “The Electric Eel” who delivered some expert pin-point cross field passes which really stretched the opposition. He was full of positive energy all game. His versatility in moving to the backline was evidence of his great value to the team. He is a fine player just like his old man was at a similar age. (NOTE: These are totally unbiased coach’s observations!)

The ‘bravery award’ goes to Luke for throwing out the challenge to the well-known and respected referee. Except he forgot who had the whistle!

The ‘smooth operator award’ goes to Steve who goes about his manager’s duties with precision, style and good humour. He helps us all keep in perspective that we’re here to have fun and enjoy our football.

A big shout out to Luke Springett for coming along to cheer the boys on. Your presence was much appreciated Luke as you remain part of the team despite your season long injury.

In the end it was so good to see a group of young fellows lose a game of football but still walk away with their heads held high and well satisfied with an outstanding team effort.