Match Report – 14.1 – 19/08/2017

Match Report – 14.1 – Game Date: 19/08/2017

BMFC 14.1
Blue Mountains FC 14G.1 


Match Report: The week off between semis and the Grand Final provided an opportunity for the 14.1 boys and 14.1 girls to play each other. With some injuries and illnesses leaving both teams short, a few of the 14.2 boys backed up and helped out after their own game against the 14.3’s

The game was great to watch as both teams competed well and played some good football despite the blustery conditions and the state of the pitch

An impromptu penalty shoot out at the end of the game added more excitement and good practice at controlling the nerves which, if needed, will hopefully help both teams next weekend

Thank you to both teams for playing an entertaining game and played in such good spirits. Good luck to both teams next weekend