Club Person of the Year

Each year the BMFC Committee awards the “Club Person Award” to an outstanding individual or individuals in recognition of their contribution to the Club.

In 2019, the award was renamed the “Barry Summers (Club Person of the Year) Award”, to honour the memory of one the Club’s great members, fondly known as Baz.

This award is open to all club members other than those currently serving on the Board.

The following people have been recognized for their outstanding contribution to the Club:

Year Name
1986 Ian Wykes
1987 Heather & John Millington
1988 Denise Zwegers
1989 Ladies Auxiliary
1990 Dale Bateman
1991 Rob Morgan
1992 Kerrie Wykes
1993 Pauline Jewkes
1994 Marie Patterson
1995 John Rees
1996 Anne Margerison
1997 Ron Boath
1998 Peter Jones & Josh Tiernay
1999 James Rees
2000 Noel Hanrahan & Neil Moore
2001 Ashley Rees & Stewart Roberts
2002 Tony Jones
2003 Barry Summers
2004 Gary McNicol
2005 John Poulos
2006 George Gordon
2007 Lisa Goehner
2008 Richard Atkinson
2009 Rob Hofmann
2010 Dave Frankham
2011 Michael Hampson
2012 David Smith
2013 Brett McGrath
2014 Glen Haworth
2015 Sean Burns
2016 Klaus Duetoft
2017 not awarded
2018 not awarded
YearBarry Summers Club Person of the Year
2019Sarah Boswell
2023Joanne Currie