News Flash

Registrations now open

Please note: there is no need to check with the Club before registering, as noted at the very beginning of the process if you start from scratch.  Just register.
Some of you will have to attend one of our Registration Days, being held 2 February (10am – 2pm) and 8 February (6pm to 8pm).  To see if this is you, click here.


Folks – a reminder … everyone who registers must upload an appropriate photo of themselves.  Without an acceptable photo, Nepean will not provide an ID card and that person will not be able to participate until an appropriate photo has been uploaded.

We’ve given guidelines (refer below) of what is an acceptable passport-style photo. Ensure the background is a plain, light-coloured, untextured wall/door.

Our Registrar and Assistant Registrar look forward to everyone complying with this requirement.

Things to know before registering on-line

Before clicking on the “Register Now” button at and creating a PlayFootball account, make sure you have the following available:
*  Photoeverybody must upload a photo into their account and the photo must be passport-style [i.e. plain, light-coloured background required (e.g. internal wall), head & shoulders only, no caps/hats/sunglasses/glasses (unless sports glasses are worn when playing)].  Have a look at the images in this post for what’s OK and what’s not.  If no photo is uploaded, or the uploaded photo is not passport-style, then your registration cannot be approved until this is done. 
*  Active Kids voucher details. 
*  Working With Children (WWC) details (applicable to all coaches & managers, except those in “Over” teams).