Match Report AA.5 (21-08-2011)





The World 11



Match Report

Ode to ye Football Manager
Cheers Baz
For our shirts look awesome
Not a game missed
Except that time in Lawson
At the end of training

You might share in a beer
And tell a joke
Which brings a tear
You bring good nature
You’re made of gentlemanly stuff
Except for that time
You let out a fluff
So to the end of the season
We wonder if
We can bring the Blueys home
And see Baz looking spiff
Cheers Baz
Lotsa love from the AA5’s!!!

Goal Scorers

Baz with a scissor kick, Baz with a direct penalty, Baz from 18 yards with an outswinger, Baz with the chip

Player of the Match